VigRX Plus Australia and New Zealand

It has been around for over six years as the successor to the original tablets. This product has been helping men in America achieve 100% satisfaction in achieving a larger, thicker penis size without any of the drawbacks of surgery!

Now you can buy VigRX Plus in Australia complete with our cast iron 67 day money back guarantee!

VigRX helps not only with size issues but also makes you feel more virile, gives you more energy and really invigorates your sex life - you'll be happy and your partner will be happy!

Try genuine VigRX Plus today with no worries!

This is the only product on the male enhancement market that has had real clinical trials conducted by a separate third party to ensure that it is doing everything we claim it is doing. More on the results later, but during the trial half of the participants were given VigRX Plus and the other half were given a placebo pill that wouldn't do anything.

All the participants that took VigRX plus found that they saw some improvements, either to their overall size and length or to their libido and energy or both. None of the participants that took the libido saw any improvements at all. This highlights just how effective this solution can be and avoids going down the route of surgical penis enlargement which involves its own risks.

Please note: Results are not typical or expected for every consumer.

How should I take?

Take 2 pills per day, try to take at roughly the same time each day. Take with water and within 30 minutes of eating to help your rate of digestion.

Will I experience any negative side-effects?

It is 100% natural and no side-effects have been reported. It is a herbal blend that does not require prescription.

What May I see from my Solution?

Month 1:

Take every day and within the first month you may notice an improvement.

Months two and three:

By now you may see some increase in the length of the penis, nothing huge, but it'll be. You now know you're on the right path.

Month 4 - 12:

You may tell how effective is. The size changes you get may be permanent, your tissue may be expanded. Keep going and see how far it may take you.

The guidelines are there to be followed. Always follow the prescribed dosage. Increasing the number of tablets per day does not automatically mean faster enlargement. Results are not typical or expected for every consumer.

What about delivery?

We aim to service the whole of Australia and New Zealand within six days from the point at which we send your order. Sometimes there can be delays due to circumstances outside of our control, such as bad weather or postal service problems. If you feel that your order is taking too long to arrive then it may the case that the package has been lost or delayed, so do get in touch with us and we can contact the courier company and find out what the problem is. Once we are aware of a delay we will ensure that we get your order to you.

I've changed my mind, can I return it?

Yes, of course. If for any reason you're not happy we will accept the product back, as long as it is not past sixty days since your order we will ask for the order to be returned to us and once received back we will refund you.

Are you discreet?

Every measure is taken to ensure that nobody knows what you have ordered, from the postman to the bank. There is no mention of VigRX plus anywhere on the packaging and non of your bank statements will mention this either.

Extra care and service

We want you to achieve results by using VigRX Plus and so we provide all the extra tools you may need to see the best possible success. We provide instructions for different exercises that you can do along with a DVD that provides images to show you what daily exercises you should be doing in conjunction with using VigRX Plus. Some of these extras come as free gifts on the higher months supply, because we believe the more months supply you buy the greater chance of having great success.

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